Group profile

IBAut is a group of IT specialists, who have more then ten years practices in IT area. Main subject of group activity is software administration and consultation in hardware and software area. First in all we prefer projection and development of information systems for manufacturing concerns (MES, SCADA) and application to order.
Our clients are mostly small and middle IT firms, but our services are practised by big companies too (e.g. Siemens CZ, Komercni banka).
Our solution is bring to bear experiences of our specialists with client requirement analyses, designes and deployments of systems not only evidence features but large systems for manufacturing sectors (MES, SCADA) and government administration.
We are prepared to help our partners, square up with little terms for software development and short absence of qualified IT specialists.
Our creed is quality and reliability. We don't promise terms we can't reach and on which end is application not according to client requirements, but we promise only that terms to we could give you application full according to your occassions.

IT sector

We help small, middle and big IT companies to deal with short terms in software development or with absence of qualified IT specialists. Once project gets slippage that could be caused by any circumstances, e.g. underestimation, too many application requests or changes, companies are pushed to run crisis processes and find additional resources. It exists many ways how to deal with this. One would be to hire new employee or to hire external professional to finish the job and get project back to planned schedule. In case you decided to hire someone external we encourage you to try our company that can offer professional services and deep knowledge based on long time experiences in IT area.
  • Several years experiences with analyse, design and deployment of large applications and information systems.
  • Excellent knowledge of C# programming language and Visual Studio .NET deployment environment.
  • Excellent knowledge of XML, XSD, XSLT, Web services, ASP.NET and Win forms applications.
  • We know to work with UML language and modeling tools (Enterprise Architect, Select Component Architect).
  • Large experiences with design and deployment of database solution and excellent experience of SQL language and relational database (MS SQL Server, Oracle, MS Access, ADO.NET).
  • Rich experiences in data integration area, Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing (OLAP).
  • General knowledge of manufactoring system deployment (MES) in Factory Suite (InTouch, InTrack, InSQL) and WinCC environment.

Manufacturing concerns

Several years experiences in manufacturing systems development (MES) allow us offer manufacturing concerns assist in design and implementation systems enabled monitoring and fully or partially automatization of their industrial processes. During this type of software realization we use SCADA software environments WinCC or InTouch, InTrack, Industrial SQL Server, which are parts of software familly for industrial automatization Wonderware Factory Suite, which are distributed by Pantek company over Czech Republic. In close touch with MES manufactoring systems realization we execute:
  • Consultancy during MES manufacturing system implementation.
  • Client requirements and needings analyse. This activity output is document, which is used as base for tenders documentation. Following project realization process you will be able to give to other company, if you want.
  • Project documentation which is based for supplier achievement activity and software solution creation.
  • Software solution for industrial processes monitoring (SCADA, MES) and their automatization.
  • Software solution for intelligent buildings.
  • Actual performance documentation and user guides.

On Demand software

The market with software products is very wide and variable and still it doesn’t cover full range of customer requirements and needs. Our experts are prepared to design and develop any kind of software application or services that meets customer wishes and vision.
We offer our architecture skills and development experiences within desktop applications, custom information systems, web presentations, web applications (e.g. e-shop, CRM, Blog portal) and web services. In case of web presentations:
  • We will create presentation, which will satisfy web accessibility rules. Your presentation will be accessible for different kind of handicapped people so.
  • We will give you advice, how to create or repair your pages to internet robots place them on the top of their searched pages. Thereby they have attracted more potentional costumers.
  • We will help you with domain registration and provide webhosting.


IBAUT Group s.r.o.
Severovýchod 471/1
789 01 Zábřeh

IČ: 098 35 091
DIČ: CZ09835091
Registered at Commercial and Companies Register kept at the regional court Ostrava under section C, number 84484
Contact info:
Data box: 3zez7y5
Phone: +420 777 134 623
Email address: ibaut@ibaut.eu